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Welcome to StrawHat Logistics! The most reliable residential, business, and in-home delivery you’ll find in Indianapolis IN; a dedication to your satisfaction drives every interaction.

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Safe, reliable, timely deliveries that ensure your customer’s satisfaction – regardless of the item type or distance the order travels.


Tired of late, damaged deliveries for other companies you need to impress? Look no further than StrawHat Logistics; we’ll take good care of you.


We don’t just do deliveries – we can also transport goods from port to warehouse and anywhere in between.  Wherever you need to go, we can get there.

Third-Party Logistics

You have enough on your plate – it’s time to outsource your logistics and delivery planning to someone else. We’ll do the work, so you don’t have to!

The Gold Standard in Customer Service.

Your satisfaction and that of your end clients are our top priority. Whatever you need us to do to get the job done – that will be our focus! We are known for “excellence and honest expectations” when it comes to your deliveries and transportation jobs.

We Can Take Your Products Everywhere.

From point A to point Z and everywhere in between, StrawHat Logistics will get your products where they need to go. With services you can rely on, there’s no need to stress over drivers maintaining the proper delivery times. We’re always on time, and we deliver with care.

After all, each of our drivers is a reliable and trustworthy partner. We pride ourselves on maintaining reliability, adaptability, and integrity in everything.

Our Values and Mission:

Not only does your business keep us going, but it also excites us – being a part of your logistics network is a great privilege. We love doing business with our clients, and we want them to have the best experiences possible! Your business’s integrity relies upon speedy deliveries of appropriately stacked and maintained products in their original state. It’s not enough for us to simply transport your items for delivery on time!

Let’s Work Together

If you think that the proper transportation and timely delivery of goods are paramount, reach out to us for an inquiry.